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A beautiful addition to your little one's nursery. Hang it on the wall of the nursery or as a poster for your child to learn to spell their name!

Perfect as a personal gift or for your own little one.

Please note that the (a) placement of elements present in each poster and (b) size of alphabets, will differ for every individual poster due to different number of alphabets present in each name.

This product comes without frame.

Why canvas?
Our posters are printed on canvas to be more sturdy and are safe for children - no sharp edges! 

How to put them up?
We recommend to frame them up, or use hanging frames (coming soon!) or 3M velcro tape! Anything that works and will not harm your wall! :)

Where to display/store them?
Display it in your child's nursery to encourage learning everyday. Roll it up and store it in the poster tube, in a cool, dark place! Sunlight may cause early discolouration of the posters, so do avoid displaying or storing at areas with direct sunlight.

What sizes are available?
Available in A2, A3, A4 size*.
*As the canvas used are all hand-cut, please allow discrepancies of up to 1cm - 2cm between our posters and the measurements we have provided.